Understanding the concepts which in return builds confidence in their work

We Are Focused On Our
Students Academic Needs.

Rite Click Learning Point offers learning and tutoring services in math and language arts, as well as other areas to students of all ages. (Elementary, Middle and High School)

Rite Click follows the state and national standards and provides a personalized educational experience to allow students reach their academic goals. Our mission is to help students acquire the necessary tools in order to achieve success in their academic careers.

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We Provide Help In All Subjects

We stay on top of our industry by being experts in all subjects. We measure our success by the results that our students obtain.









Our Services

We Are A Different Kind of Tutoring. Focused on Achieving Excellence


We understand every child's preferences, needs, habits and styles of learning by getting involve with them in their studies.

Pre-K Programs

Education for the young ones means motivating the child's natural desire to learn in order for children to fulfill their potential.


We inspire students to achieve their dreams and reach beyond themselves to make a difference in the school academics.


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We Are A Different Kind of Tutoring. Focused on Achieving Excellence

Communication Circle

At Rite Click Learning Point we have develop an approach to clearly communicate everything...

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Simple, Fast And Fun

There are many ways to keep a student focused on their work and at the same time having fun, these are the 5 ways we do it.

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Device Friendly

In our center, we do not let students use their phones during our sessions, but we do allow computers/laptops to be used.

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