Summer Adventures in Knowledge and Fun!

Summer is the perfect time to keep the learning momentum going. Our summer classes offer a range of exciting opportunities to explore new subjects, boost skills, and prepare for the upcoming school year. Make summer both educational and enjoyable with Rite Click Learning Point! Join us on a journey of educational discovery and success. Let’s create a brighter future together!


  1. Prevent Summer Slide: Studies show that students can lose a significant portion of their academic progress during the summer break. Our summer classes keep the mind engaged and prevent the dreaded “summer slide.”
  2. Exploration and Enrichment: Summer classes offer the freedom to explore new subjects and interests, diving into areas not covered in the regular school curriculum.
  3. Boosted Confidence: Students who engage in summer learning often return to school in the fall with increased confidence and readiness to tackle new challenges.
  4. Flexibility: Our summer classes provide flexible schedules, allowing students to balance learning with summer activities, making it the perfect choice for families on the move.
  5. Friendships and Fun: Learning is more enjoyable when shared with friends. Our classes offer the chance to meet new people and learn together.



Excellence Together: Learn With Us!

Summer is a season of sun, fun, and...learning? Absolutely! At Rite Click Learning Point, our summer classes are designed to combine the best of both worlds, offering a unique opportunity for students to continue their educational journey while enjoying the summer break.