Rite Click Learning Point
Our Mission

What We Stand For

Rite Click Learning Point offers learning and tutoring services in math and language arts, as well as other areas to students of all ages. (Elementary, Middle and High School) Rite Click follows the state and national standards and provides a personalized educational experience to allow students reach their academic goals. Our mission is to help students acquire the necessary tools in order to achieve success in their academic careers.

We want our students to have the confidence and the knowledge to be able to tackle any academic problems they face. In order to do so, our tutors teach in a way that is fun and exciting. We are flexible in the design of our program because we tailor them to fit to the needs of the student as well as the academic vision the parents have.


Our Facilities

We Are Providing an Environment for Our Students to Grow & Excel

Communication circle!

For every student, we take the approach of clearly communicating everything between the student, parents and instructor. This allows the student to take hold of their own learning process. We also have the capabilities of contacting and integrating teachers and counselors to the communication circle in order to facilitate questions and answers to parents and students.

Our Vision

Helping the Professionals of tomorrow

Little ones, who are getting ready for the Kindergarten or are in, come to our center for help in reading and writing as well as basics in math, like shapes and numbers. We help our parents identify the help their child needs and provide them the activities that will help their child. 

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Everything from basic Math to the fundamentals of the English language are the few academic help that we provide our elementary students. The more they are prepared for middle and high school the better they will do academically. 

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Preparing for the future is key for our middle and high school students, starting with their academic work as well as preparing for AP, SAT and College prep. All subjects and extra help is provided to our older students for them to have the confidence and the security that they have the support they need in order to succeed. 

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A Message From

Our Principal

My name is Vasanthy, We have been providing after school enrichment activities for kids of ages 3+ to Grade 12 for the past 10 years. We have students who are just starting to learn and getting ready for Kindergarten to students who are about to graduate from High School.

My team and I have been working hard to provide the best support to our parents and our students in order for them to accomplish their academic goals. From the day our learning center started, our only mission is to Achieve Excellence Together.

Thank you, and welcome to Rite Click Learning Point.



What Parents are Saying

“My son has been a student at rite click for a year and half, they have very dedicated teachers, hard working and honest , they have an accommodating and flexible approaches to my son strengths and weaknesses , I strongly recommend them for any one looking for a tutoring school.”

Reema Atef - Mom of 1st grader -

“Rite Click provides excellent personal tutoring service. Vasanthy is a lovely person who tries to know and understand yours and you kid’s needs and provides tailored academic solutions.”

Nithya Nayaranan - Mom of 3rd grader -

Hi I have a 5th grader who is taking tuition for math and English and now I feel my kids improve a looot in English writing and solving math problems .. and I would highly recommend it’s service.”

Poonam Tiwiri - Mom of 5th grader -