Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Skip Counting

Grades: Pre K to 2

  • Group Fee: $25 /hr
  • 1 on 1 Fee: $35 /hr
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Place Value: Explore the fundamental concept of place value, teaching students how to understand and represent the value of digits in numbers. Through hands-on activities and interactive lessons, students learn to identify the value of each digit and apply this knowledge to solve problems involving large numbers.

Addition: Dive into the world of addition, where students learn the basic principles of combining numbers to find the total. Using various strategies and techniques, students practice adding single-digit and multi-digit numbers, developing fluency and accuracy in mental math and written calculations.

Subtraction: Delve into the concept of subtraction, teaching students how to take away one quantity from another to find the difference. Through engaging activities and real-world examples, students learn different subtraction strategies, such as regrouping and counting back, to solve problems efficiently and accurately.

Skip Counting: Master the skill of skip counting, where students learn to count by twos, threes, fives, and tens. By recognizing patterns and sequences, students develop number sense and multiplication readiness, laying a strong foundation for more advanced mathematical concepts.