Tracing Worksheets: Beginner
Grade Level: Pre-K and Kindergarten
Type: Downloadable & Printable

These worksheets are for children who are showing interest in drawing lines on walls, papers, or on the sidewalk with crayon, chalk, or pencil. For early learners, tracing worksheets are the entry point to the world of writing. Before the child learns to write, they must develop the fine motor skill of holding a pencil.
These tracing worksheets will teach your children the standing line, sleeping line, and curves. These worksheets will slowly help your children hold the pencil correctly and will leave teachers impressed. These worksheets will also help your children improve their hand-eye coordination.

This package consists of 14 pre-writing skill worksheets and three fun mazes.

Tips & Tricks:
1. Make printouts and use a screen protector and a dry erase marker to make the sheets reusable. Doing this will save you on paper and ink in the long run because your sheets will be easily erasable and reusable.