Why is learning phonics important to a child’s future?

Trying to teach a young one how to read is quite difficult, but helping them with phonics will allow them to read easily and effectively. In order for kids to read, reading over words without faltering will allow them to become quicker and accurate readers. Phonics helps ease this process. 

Phonics is a method for teaching kids how to read and write by joining sounds with letters. For example, when teaching kids phonics, you want to make them pronounce all the letters individually, then join them, like c-at, cat. This allows them to start memorizing the pronunciation of these letters, making their reading more fluent. 

Here are some good reasons why your children should learn about phonics; Kids who don’t learn about phonics are going to have some trouble in the future, where they have to use more rational methods to read, but they will get around difficult words by using context clues and picture clues. Using other methods of reading will make them more skilled at reading, but the most effective way to practice difficult words is by using phonics. With children having to read out loud during class, they will be able to read the words automatically with phonics practice.

Here are some tips: 

  • Make your child read books daily – this helps them learn lots of new vocabulary, makes them more fluent, and allows you to correct their mistakes. If they start stuttering on words, tell them to sound them out.  If they still get it wrong, say the sound of each letter then tell them the word; Helping them memorize the sounds and the words. 
  • Play phonic games – this allows them to listen to words, and also say them too. A few examples are I Spy, Bingo, and Scrabble as well as there are other games that you can get from Barnes & Noble or from websites like Scholastics. 
  • Online Worksheets – There are many sites that contain Phonics worksheets that can help with your child’s reading growth. Like our eBook, which contains all of the phonics and an instructor helping them throughout the entire book. You can find it HERE.

For more worksheets and more useful tips please visit our BLOG or WORKSHEET page.

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