A journal is where we keep a record of what has happened to us. It can also be called a diary. Your journal can be about:

  1. Yourself,
  2. How you solved a problem that day,
  3. How you overcame stress,
  4. Your travels,
  5. Or your feeling, etc. 

It is always good practice to keep a journal for yourself. When you write a journal, you need to be honest and committed to what you write. Almost every successful person has a diary. You can keep a journal on your computer or hand-written in a notebook. The latter is preferred because one can add a personal touch to it. For example, you can decorate your notebook with drawings and pictures you enjoy.

Most writers think they cannot do it every day. But if you write daily, you will find that you will remember one joyous thing about the day. Most writers are shy and find it intimidating to write about their day and feelings. Journaling is about you and for you, so do not be shy.

Journaling will help with stress, anxiety, depression, and anger. Once you put all your feelings into paper or the computer, you will feel lighter and happier. Journaling will help relieve mental, physical, and emotional pressure on you.

So what are you waiting on?