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How to teach your child to remember phone numbers and other important numbers.

“Being able to recall a phone number may save your life in the future”

One day, you met a 7 years old boy who was separated away from his guardian at the park. Under normal conditions, we could escort him to the nearest security officer. During the warm and friendly walk, we might ask his name, his home address, and his parent’s name along with their phone number. 

Surprisingly, he could not answer all the questions. Hence, the officer might find it harder to locate his family as soon as possible, simply because he couldn’t remember his parent’s phone number.

The importance of remembering the parent’s number.

Nowadays, most kids are better at remembering social media accounts like Instagram and others, rather than 12 numeric sequences known as a phone number. However, the best way to keep yourself safe, no matter how old you are, is to be able to recall some important phone numbers from your brain.

Even though technology has makes life easier, by providing an address book in each smartphone, there are several things that everyone must keep in their brain no matter what:

  1. The most important person’s phone number, e.g.: your father, mother, brother or sister phone number when we were a child and our spouse when we have grown up.


  2. Home address. Usually your smartphone comes in handy whenever you need to pinpoint your home address. But what if your smartphone is broken or malfunctioned? Then there is no other way than to rely on your brain memory to recall your home address, isn’t it?


  3. Some of your family social media accounts. Almost every social media has a feature to send a direct message and even make a call. However, communicating through social media might be considered risky for the child’s safety.

There are several benefits to memorizing phone numbers:

  1. Safety. It’s plain and simple.


  2. Training your brain to be better at remembering and managing other important things in the future, e.g.: reporting a situation in chronological order or excelling in managing files at your work.


  3. A boost in self-confidence.


  4. Long term brain health. Based on use it or lose it theory theory, regular memorization serves as a great mental exercise to prevent brain aging and declining.


Why is it so difficult to memorize a phone number?

As you can see, memorizing a phone number is an urgent thing. However, it is not something that can easily be done by children, teenagers, and even most adults. It was less than two decades ago when the landline was still common. People could easily memorize some important phone numbers like their own home number.

Unfortunately, with the growing technology such as the address book feature in smartphones, It eliminates some traditional useful skills like number sequences memorization.

Training your brain to memorize a phone number

There are several methods on how we can teach our children’s brain to memorize a phone number:

  1. Using the number match. Parents may print out the phone number in a larger font and make 2 copies. Treat the first one as the master copy. Cut the individual numbers from the second copy. Now match the numbers from the second copy to the master number.


  2. Improve it with a song. To make the above memorizing process/method easier you may match the numbers while singing a number song.


  3. You may use the Loci method to remember numbers by putting them in a virtual location in your brain.


  4. Write it down. This method is better applied to children who already have the ability to read and write. Divide the 12 number sequence into 3 or 4 parts/chunks.

“Remembering 0123 4567 8900 is easier than 012345678900”

Despite all the different methods above, children might still find it boring. To overcome it, you may:

  1. Choose the memorization activities that suit your children’s interests. You may even try playing the game outside in the yard, at the park, or other places.


  2. Take it slow. Make it fun. Gradually and regularly.


  3. Alternate the methods to prevent repetition.


Share with us, what is your go to method to memorize numbers?

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