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Why coloring is beneficial from early ages.

How do you start teaching your child on coloring?

As adults, we often overlook how important it is to understand colors and its application. We have been spoiled by the convenience of the digital age that we no longer consider coloring to be an important skill to learn.

Inasmuch as many parents are having difficulty teaching their children to draw and color. They give their children the tools and papers and hope that their children can utilize their imagination as their guide.

Even most adults find this difficult because they are unaware of the importance of introducing colors to their children. One of the most common issues that parents face is determining the best time to teach their children in the drawing and coloring section.

It is important to teach children between the ages of three and five because this is the optimal time for children to learn. Most people often conclude it as a “Golden Age”.

The Benefits of Coloring

No matter your age, there are plenty of benefits to coloring. As for the Golden Age, other than stimulating the creative and emotional development part of their brain, there are also other benefits.

  1. Fine motor strength, coordination, and development

This is especially important as they will be learning handwriting soon or at the same time. Coloring provides practice in manipulating small objects.

2. Help develop concentration and focus on hand-eye coordination.

It can also help the development of any other skills that need precision control.

3. The precursor of shape recognition

One of the next skills that your child will soon acquire is to recognize shape and perspective. Coloring and color mixing are the perfect introduction to these skills

How to Teach Coloring from Toddler Age (3-5 years old)

To begin, let your child choose which type of drawing they want to color. This is significant because your child frequently makes decisions based on their favorite things first.

Second, let them choose the coloring materials. It is your children’s right to choose what is best for them, whether they use traditional or digital tools. However, you must consider the appropriate tools for them by explaining how they work.

Children enjoy having the freedom to choose what they want. Therefore keep in mind that while you are teaching your children what is appropriate for them to draw and color, you should not limit their imagination.

How to Overcome Color Differences (3 years old)

Many children of this age are troubled by color differences. They are frequently perplexed as to which color to select.

As parents, patience is vital when teaching our children to distinguish between colors.

Try to teach them how to categorize colors based on their functions or even their type.

For example, try grouping light colors in one section and dark colors in another. It’s possible that it’s confusing your children in the first place. However, they will become accustomed to it based on how frequently you teach them to do it as a practice session.

This is an important skill when they reach adulthood or when they grow older

Benefit that Adults Can Get from Coloring

Even as adults, coloring has its own benefits.

Coloring has the ability to relax your brain’s fear center, the amygdala. It induces the same state as meditation by calming the restless mind’s thoughts. This promotes mindfulness and quietness, allowing your mind to rest after a long day at work.

Coloring requires concentration, but not to the point of being stressful. It activates your frontal lobe, which is in charge of organizing and problem solving, and allows you to put everything else aside and live in the moment, generating focus.

You don’t have to be a professional artist to color! If you’re looking for a fun way to unwind after a long day at work, coloring will do the trick. Choose something you like and color it however you want using any of your current chosen material

Share with us, what is your vs your child’s chosen material?

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