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Academic Classes

Small class sizes (4:1 or 1:1) ensure that your child gets the personal attention and in-depth teaching they need to fulfill their potential and set them up for educational success.

Our classes helps the child in building the writing skills that are critical in their academics careers. We start from the basic grammar and all the way to rhetorical analysis .
They will be also introduced to reading comprehension and doing challenging activities in order to completely understand the fundamentals of the English language.

There are a wide range of math courses we provide help to our students, like:
  • - Kinder-Ready Math
  • - Basic Elementary Math
  • - Algebra 1
  • - Algebra 2
  • - Geometry
  • - Statitsics
  • - Calculus

We have many students coming to our center in regards of the following classes:
  • - Biology
  • - Chemistry
  • - Physics

For those students who are struggling in a foreign language we are able to provide help in the following courses:
  • - Spanish
  • - French
  • - Hindi
  • Afterschool Programs

    We have various after-school programs in the center and different schools throughout San Diego. Our programs have been receiving positive feedback from the parents which include Mathemagic, Fun with words, Brain Teasers, STEM and other academic enrichment programs. Some of the schools we provide this programs are Hickman Elementary, Jonas Salk, Dingeman, EBS, Miramar Ranch etc.