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How to Help Your Child to Develop the Foundational Skills Necessary to Enter Kindergarten.


We help children (age 3 to 5) prepare them to successfully enter kindergarten through (ACTIVE!) a interactive learning approach tailored to your child’s needs.

Our Concepts

What Your Child Will LEarn

  • Motor skills like holding a pencil and using scissors.
  • They will acquire the tools for self-learning and discipline to continue their learning in and out of school. 
  • They will develop Critical and Analytical Thinking skills to tackle any problems they face.
  • Students will progress much faster with their individualized academic plan provided by our assessment evaluation.
  • We help children to develop Math, Language, Reading readiness skills and build the love to learn through interactive assignments, activities, and games. It’s a more fun way to learn.

Our Method

How Will your child LEarn

ACTIVE! Our learning method will allow your child to move, play, explore, communicate and learn all at the same time. 

With hands-on activities we introduce new topics to your child in an engaging and meaningful way.

We don’t simply provide information to your child, but provide the learning attitude and the discipline needed to succeed. 

LEarning in Action

Our Learning MAterial


Parents with Children 3 – 5 years old.

Parents who want their child to Grow, Learn and Be Kindergarten Ready.

Parents who want their child to be Independent, Confident and Self-Directed Lifelong Learner.

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What Parents are Saying

“My son has been a student at rite click for a year and half, they have very dedicated teachers, hard working and honest , they have an accommodating and flexible approaches to my son strengths and weaknesses , I strongly recommend them for any one looking for a tutoring school.”

Reema Atef – Mom of 1st grader

“Rite Click provides excellent personal tutoring service. Vasanthy is a lovely person who tries to know and understand yours and you kid’s needs and provides tailored academic solutions.”

Nithya Nayaranan – Mom of 3rd grader

Hi I have a 5th grader who is taking tuition for math and English and now I feel my kids improve a looot in English writing and solving math problems .. and I would highly recommend it’s service.”

Poonam Tiwiri – Mom of 5th grader –

About Us

My name is Vasanthy, I have been providing after school enrichment activities for kids from Pre-K to 12 Grade for the past 10 years. We have students who are just starting to learn and getting ready for Kindergarten to students who are about to graduate from High School. 

My team and I have been working hard to provided the best support to our parents and our students in order for them to accomplish their academic goals. From the day that Rite Click started, We have had a single mission to Achieve Excellence Together. 

We follow the state and national standards and provides a personalized educational experience to allow students reach their academic goals. Our mission is to help students acquire the necessary tools in order to achieve success in their academic careers.

Where we are

Rite Click LEarning Point

9420 Activity Rd. Suite D, San Diego, Ca 92126

Our program is done completely in person

If you would like to experience the way we teach our kids,

Register for a

Free trial class with

assessment & Academic Plan

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