Rite Click’s Afterschool Enrichment

Rite Click provides a unique Afterschool Enrichment Program where your child will be able to have fun and still be keeping up with school demands.  Your child will be able to get homework help, free play & a wide range of afterschool programs to keep them engaged and having fun at all times.

We also provide a Afterschool Pick-up for students whose parents need that extra help. 

We concentrate on providing a safe and dependable service to help those parents with a busy schedule. 

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Our Program

We want our students to be able to come to our center and leave with a smile on their face. Our priority is to help our students complete their homework, so parents can have a worry-free afternoon.

How Pick-up Works

Step 1 You need transportation for your child, who you cannot pick up on time or just need extra help.

Step 2 Register your child to our afterschool enrichment program.

(3pm to 6pm – Center hours)

Step 3We will have back-ground checked drivers who will pickup the kids from the schools and drop at our center.

Step 4Get notifications on your child’s pick up and arrival timings.

Step 5Kids can be picked up before 6 pm from the center , if you running late or need more time, you can always give us a call.  

***Pick-up services are available for kids within 10 miles radius from our center.***

Our Center

We have been providing Afterschool Enrichment Activities for students since 2012. We have students who are just starting to learn and getting ready for Kindergarten to students who are about to graduate from High School. 

My team and I have been working hard to provided the best support to our parents and our students in order for them to accomplish their academic goals. From the day that Rite Click started, We have had a single mission to Achieve Excellence Together. 

We follow the state and national standards and provides a personalized educational experience to allow students reach their academic goals. Our mission is to help students acquire the necessary tools in order to achieve success in their academic careers.

President of Rite Click 


Where we are

9420 Activity Rd Suite D, San Diego California 92126

Afterschool Enrichment Program

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Thanks to “Rite Click Point & Challenge Island”, my son Advik had a wonderful spring break. Fun, entertaining and enriching from science experiments to solar explorations and to a dance star.

Guru Rudresheppa

Vasanthy is absolutely wonderful. As another reviewer commented, yeah maybe it’s not the most exciting “preschool” (it’s not a preschool) but my daughter went from not knowing her alphabet to almost ready to read in a matter of months. Is it small and they don’t do a lot of structured activities, but during the pandemic I found that a plus. There’s not a lot of kids and also, the staff genuinely likes children. That’s huge. I used to work in childcare and maybe other places have lots of colorful rooms and fancy crafts but the staff usually look like they hate their jobs. Even the male tutor that does online classes is super goofy with the kids and they love him. All in all I feel super lucky to have found Vasanthy and Rite Click.