Academic Activities
Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Yoga
  • Arts/Crafts
    • Pre-Kinder

        Education for the young ones means motivating the child's natural desire to learn in order for children to fulfill their potential.

        Through the early education, the child will get to learn many real life skills that are very important in their future by signing up for tutoring in San Diego.

        Key features:

        • Comprehensive reading and writing readiness program.

        • Participation - learning by doing

        • Helps the child to adapt to outside world and ease the separation pangs.

        • Develop personal skills they need to take an active part in the years to come.

        • Initiate the readiness language skills, phonics program for school level.

        • Technology integration to lend a fun filled dimension to learning.

        Pre Kinder Program: (One Session - 60 minutes)

        • 15 minutes - Letters, Phonics and Sight Words

        • 15 minutes - Numbers, Math

        • 15 minutes - Reading and Writing

        • 15 minutes - Computer/iPad Learning

    • Homework/Study Hall

        We inspire students to achieve their dreams and reach beyond themselves to make a difference in the school academics. We don't just make the do their homework instead, we help the understand the concepts in a very friendly and supportive way.

        In tutoring the lessons move at the pace the child requires and the learning process is determined by the individual student. The child is not pushed to work at the pace of the class. So the students will never get bored because the level of difficulty is also adapted to suit them.

        We have homework club which is exclusively for doing the homework and please be aware that the Homework is also graded.

        Our homework club goes as low as $10 per hour for Elementary school and goes up to $15 per hour for the high school students. This will be from Monday to Thursday for 45 minutes.

    • Math (K-12)

        Math is a skill and has to be developed over time with practice. Math teaches skills that you use in every field throughout life - critical thinking, problem-solving and a methodological approach. So our math tutors need to inspire students to tackle challenges and figure out things for themselves.

        For Grades K-5 Click Here (links to another page)

        For Grades 6-8 Click Here (links to another page)

        For Grades 9-12 Click Here (links to another page)

    • Reading & Writing (K-12)

        Teaching phonics is an integral part of learning to read. Strong listeners are strong readers. Studies show that regularly reading out loud to children will produce significant gains in reading comprehension, vocabulary, and the decoding of words.


        • Phonics

        • Reading Comprehension

        • Grammar

        • Handwriting

        • ESL

        • Reading

        • Punctuation

        • Vocabulary

        • Spelling

        • Writing

        • Literature

        For more about hiring a math, reading, or English tutoring in San Diego, call us today.

    • Yoga for children

        Develops good listening skills, focus and powers of concentration, body awareness, language and cooperation

        Teaches children about nature, their environment and inspires their imaginations.

        Helps them to learn breathing techniques which help them to relax.

        Learns by playing, singing, moving and imitating.

        Early intervention enhances the healthy and natural development of kids. However,it is never too late to get the benefits of Yoga by practicing it.

    • Arts / Crafts

        Art enables kids to express their imaginations in an enjoyable way.

        Develops fine motor skills

        Increases focus and attention

        Promotes self confidence and feels proud when they complete a craft/art

    • Language

        Advantages of learning a second language:

        gives greater confidence

        gives their brain a boost

        bigger view of the world

        gives them an advantage in learning skill

        We have the following languages taught in our center.
        AP English
        Spanish (Beginning, intermediate and Advanced)
        AP Spanish
        AP French