Middle school levels 6-8
Middle School Levels
This is the period where the child undergoes a change from the basic math to the higher level math courses. Also Middle school is the building block for high school.To be successful in middle school, the child has to recall the basic concepts of mathematics which he learned in elementary school. Speed and accuracy of mathematical concepts comes from continuous practice and memorizing mathematical facts.
What we do ?

Practice math facts continuously until the child could do it with accuracy and speed.

Use worksheets to support the different topics covered.

Repeated work of the struggling chapters.

Working on word problems to relate it to real life

Help the students in showing the work on problems.

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  • What code is in the image?
  • Understanding Fractions
  • Whole numbers, positive and negative numbers
  • Multi-Step problems
  • Order of operations
  • Rate
  • Probability
  • Conversion problems
  • Square root
  • Exponential notations
  • Geometry (lines, rays, planes and angles)
  • Beginning Algebra
  • Coordinate grids, truth tables, calculate points on a line
  • Concept of slope and the forms of linear equations