Summer school classes will start on June 17th. Accommodating only very few kids in the program, so please hurry and register. We want our students to get the best out of the time they spend in the program in order for them to acquire the knowledge needed for their academic goals.

    Summer Schedule

  • Session 1: From June 17th to July 5th
  • Session 2: From July 8th to July 26th
  • Session 3: From June 29th to August 16th

Both Math and English will be provided to those students that register for the programs as well as other fun activities.


Practicing Math over summer is an excellent way to catch up or even advance in your studies whether you arepracticing numbers or doing Calculus.

Our math classes are fun and exciting as well as you will see an impriovement in a short period of time. All of our classes are aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

Grade 4 through 7:

  1. Multi digit multiplication and division
  2. Fractions
  3. Analyzing Geometric figures
  4. Ratios and negative numbers
  5. Writing expressions and equations
  6. Understanding of Statistical thinking
  7. Proportions, operations with rational numbers
  8. Expressions and linear equations
  9. And much more...

Grade 8 through 12

  1. Functions
  2. Geometry, statistics and Probability
  3. Real numbers, Complex numbers
  4. Vector and Matrices
  5. Polynomials, equations and inequalities
  6. Linear, quadratics and exponential
  7. Trigonometric functions
  8. And much more...

For those High School Students who need help in their Integrated Math I, II, III and Pre-calculus/Calculus, give us a call for more information.


Develop your English Grammar, vocabulary and writing skills by registering for our English classes during summer.

We can help you acquire confidence in all aspects of writing and grammar, so you will be able to do the assignments given to you by your teachers.

Grade 4 through 7:

  1. Writing Fundamentals
  2. Elementary Grammar
  3. Reading Comprehension
  4. Compare and contrast
  5. Simple summaries
  6. Cause and Effect
  7. Main Idea and Supporting events
  8. Identifying the Plot
  9. Figurative Language
  10. And much more...

Grade 8 through 12

  1. Writing & Structuring sentences
  2. Comprehension of informational texts
  3. Analyzing a novel
  4. Writing about a novel
  5. Grammar, Mechanics and word choice
  6. Organizing ideas of writing
  7. And much more...

High school students take mandatory English classes in schools, in which they are expected to develop analytical skills. Register to our English classes and improve your writing skills.

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