What age should my child start tutoring?

Usually children as early as 3 start to understand and try to repeat what they hear. The parents can observe them and know when the child is read to learn. If they are able to watch the children's program in the TV and able to participate in the activities on the show they are ready and also if they could keep the books in the correct position and turn the pages and try to show interest in the pictures and talk about them, they are really ready. But do not force them until they are ready.

When to decide whether my child needs extra help?

If the child shows no interest in studies, no interest in doing homework or not focusing on the reading or not doing good in the school test scores, then the child needs help as early as possible so that he could get inspiration from a good tutor and closely work with the child and understand where the real problem lies and help the child develop good study habits and motivate him in his studies.

Is Rite Click Learning Point open all year-round?

Yes. We are open year-round. Continued education improve the child's performance more than the expected gain for the typical student at that grade level.

Is there benefit in enrolling into a program during the summer breaks?

Summer tutoring is a great way to improve the grades. Continued learning prevents learning loss. Just one hour per day of learning keeps you ahead of your grade level. Children are free from the stress and pressure of the homework and the schoolwork during this time and they focus on what they learn during summer break.

What is the tutoring time of Rite Click Learning Point?

We understand the child's schedule is busy with school and extra-curricular activities on weekdays. We offer a wide range of time slot so that they can work with us in enhancing their academic skills. During the school year we open from 2:30 pm to 7 pm Monday through Friday and Saturdays on appointments. During summer months we are available from 8am to 7pm and on week days and 9:30 am to 12:30 pm on Saturdays.

Where does the tutoring take place? How long is one session?

Tutoring will take place only in the center which is located on 9420 Activity Road #B, SD - 92126. One session will be of 60 minutes duration.

What is the cost for your tutoring programs?

Our main priority is to help your child attain the skills and understanding they need to be success in their studies. For this we try to make the program as affordable as possible.

Call us at 858-679-7600 or email us to info@rclpoint.com for more information.