Rite Click Learning Point offers learning and tutoring services in math and language arts, as well as other areas to students of all ages. (Elementary, Middle and High School) Rite Click follows the state and national standards and provides a personalized educational experience to allow students reach their academic goals. Our mission is to help students acquire the necessary tools in order to achieve success in their academic careers.

We want our students to have the confidence and the knowledge to be able to tackle any academic problems they face. In order to do so, our tutors teach in a way that is fun and exciting. We are flexible in the design of our program because we tailor them to fit to the needs of the student as well as the academic vision the parents have.

Communication circle! For every student, we take the approach of clearly communicating everything between the student, parents and instructor. This allows the student to take hold of their own learning process. We also have the capabilities of contacting and integrating teachers and counselors to the communication circle in order to facilitate questions and answers to parents and students.

We’ll make it convenient! Rite Click gives parents the option of having the tutoring session either at the center or at the convenience of your home. With these services, students get to learn in the comfort of their own home with one to one help that is tailored to their needs. At center, we have group tutoring which will pair them with other students their age, this allows for discussions and peer help. We also provide last minute tutoring, whether the student needs help with a test, problems or studying, you can contact us at any time.

Call us at 858-679-7600 or email us to info@rclpoint.com for more information, location & hours and how to get started!

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